Jabal el Knaiseh, Baabda


Event costs 40,000 LL Adults, 30,000 LL below 18 years of age and FREE below 13 years of age)
This includes: Pullman transportation, Professional Guide, First-Aid Kit and Professional Photographer)
For more info, call Theo 03.582084
Or email: info@we-are-hikers.com

(our breakfast will be at Wooden Bakery or Moulin D’or)
(our lunch will be in the nature, we will take a break for a quick lunch)

Our hike will be in district of Baabda and exactly in a well known mount call “Jabal El-Kneiseh”. The view from that mount is amazing for hikers and even photographers.

In general, the hike will be Medium/Hard. Slow steps but we will have very few stops. We will be hiking in a medium speed (2.5km/h) and it will take us around 5:00 – 5:30 hours + 30 mins lunch break to finish.

Our hiking information:

– Distance: 20 km
– Hiking level Medium/Hard
– Cumulative ascent: +500m
– Cumulative descent: -400m
– Altitude: max 2100m min 1500m
– time for hiking between 5:00 till 5:30 hours
– we will have approximately 10 short breaks around 3 mins each before we reach the end.

Best stuff to bring with you for hiking are the following:

– Backpack
– ID Card or Passport
– Self Insurance Card
– Cap or Hat
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen
– Hiking stick if needed
– 2 liters of water
– Medium thick jacket or in case you felt cold after finishing the hike.
– Dried fruits or chocolate power bars for hiking or sandwiches from home.

(we should return back to Dora at 6:30pm max if nothing un-expected happened)


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