Hike From Zaarour to Baskinta

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Event costs 40,000 LL for Adults, 30,000 LL below 18 years old and FREE for kids below 13 with their parents)
(this includes: Pullman transportation, Professional Guides, First-Aid Kit and a Professional Photographer)
For more info, call Theo 03.582084
Or email: info@we-are-hikers.com
(our breakfast will be in Wooden Bakery, Bekfaya)
(our lunch will be under the trees we take a 20mins break)

Ahead of Kfardebian, and at the foot of Mount Sannine lies Baskinta. Baskinta carries the ruins of monuments, cemeteries, and numismatics, pottery remains that date as back as the Phoenician and the Greek ages.

Our hike will start in Zaarour as despite of lovely nature we will pass through monuments, poets, artists and touristic places until we reach the end point in Baskinta.

The hike is considered Medium to beginners and it’s easy for professionals. All ages are accepted.

our hiking information:

– Distance: 10km – 11km
– Hiking level Medium/Easy
– Cumulative ascent: +50m
– Cumulative descent: -600m
– Altitude: max 1800m min 1200m
– time for hiking between 4:30 till 5:00 hours
– we will have approximately 6 to 10 short breaks around 3 mins each before we reach the end.

best stuff to bring with you for hiking are the following:

– Backpack
– ID Card or Passport
– Self Insurance Card
– Cap or Hat
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen
– Hiking stick if needed
– 2 liters of water
– Thin jacket in case you felt cold after finishing the hike.
– Dried fruits or chocolate power bars for hiking or sandwiches from home.

For all who are intrested, please contact us through Whatsapp or Call 03.582084 for confirmation to save seats for you.

(we should return back to Dora at 6:30pm max if nothing un-expected happened)


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