Hiking at Ehden Reserve


Dear Friends,
Join us this Sunday to discover together Ehden in Autumn . Ehden Forest (Horsh Ehden) is situated on the Northern slopes of Mount Lebanon’s western range. Covered with dew, this nature reserve includes many rare plants and is distinguished by the trees of the Cedar, along with Juniper and wild apple it also encloses many species of birds such as eagles and hawks, as well as mammals like wolves and wild cats, in addition to wild plants of the orchid species.
During our trip ,we will pass by beautiful landscapes for the forest ,and we will have time to rest and take some exceptional photos of the amazing overlooking views we will be seeing on our way.( Cedars ,Landscapes).
• The altitude range is between 1450m to 1550m.
• Level of the trail is 5/10
• Distance 10 KM, (Total hiking duration: 4 hours).
• Meeting point in Gallery Semaan area – Camille Chamoun Blvd, near Wesleyes (Gharious Center).
Parking is available.
We can pick up the hikers who live on our way.
• Departure time at 7:30 am – 6:00pm.
Please ensure to have in your backpack at least: 1.5 liters of Water, Nutrition food,waterproof Jacket , Jacket
• Contribution : 35,000 LBP (which includes guides,Reserve entrance, transportation, but does not include insurance)
Those who interested to join us contact :
Kassem Hamadeh: 03 03 15 62
(Whatsapp / SMS / Phone call) or through messages on facebook.
During our trips smoking is not allowed, thank you for your understanding.
Hope to see you and to enjoy our trip together.


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