Late Fall Hiking in the Amazing Qammou3a

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The Footprints Nature Club would like to invite you this Sunday 20 Nov 2016 to the most beautiful hiking place in Lebanon, and it becomes even more beautiful in this amazing Fall weather:

Hiking in Qamou3a – Ghabet El-3othor
– A forest that has one of the oldest trees of Juniper, hairy oak, Cilician firs, and Cypresses trees (سنديان، صنوبر، شوح، لزّاب).

– A forest which is considered one of the largest forests in Lebanon since it extends on around 750 Sq. KM.

– A forest that is one of Lebanon’s most important Oxygen supplier.

Well it is the famous forest of Qamoo3a in Akkar El-Ateeka region. The forest extends from Wadi Jhannam to Qobayyat and Fnaydek, thus having more than 10 million trees of different species.

It is simply one of the most beautiful places in Lebanon.

Throughout the trail we will have un-describable natural views. Just have a look at the photos of the region. We will pass through Al3othor forest غابة العُذر on our way. This forest is a very unique forest in terms of its beauty and type of trees. Note that enjoying the views in the forest in Fall season is totally different than seeing it in Spring.

The level of the hike will be one of these (note that we won’t be able to do the Hard Level since the place is far and there will be no time to do the Hard Level):

Easy Level (Around 7 KMs)
Easy to Medium Level (Around 10 KMs)

رحلتنا لهذا الأحد 20 تشرين الثاني 2016، ستكون في أجمل المناطق اللبنانية للمشي في الطبيعة في قضاء عكار، وفي هذا الطقس الخريفي الرائع،

مشي في الطبيعة في منطقة القموعة – غابة العذر

رحلتنا ستكون في غابة وسهل القموعة ذات المناخ والطبيعة الرائعة. غابة القموعة هي واحدة من أكبر غابات لبنان وأجملها، وبالذات غابة العذر الفريدة في لبنان. والمنطقة تزداد جمالاً خلال فصل الخريف وألوانه المميزة (انظر الصور).

الرحلة ستكون بمستوى (ملاحظة أننا لن نتمكن من السير على درب صعب نظراً لبعد المنطقة وقصر الوقت المتاح للمشي):

مستوى سهل (حوالي 7 كلم)
مستوى سهل إلى متوسط (حوالي 10 كلم)

Cost Details

The trip’s fees are 40,000 L.L. covering:
Transportation from and back to Beirut
Cost of the guides
For more details, please check the event on our website:

For Reservations
Call or send us SMS or WHATSAPP message with the names of all the participants on the number 03-876112

03-876112 للحجز، الرجاء الإتصال على الرقم

You can also send us email with all the names and phone number to:

Note that reservations on the Facebook event will not be counted.

You might be asked to complete the payments before Saturday in the Bank Account that will be provided to you upon reservation. See you…


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