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Dear Lebanese,

Freedom in the mind, Faith in the words, Pride in our souls… Let’s salute our country on this auspicious day!

Leave the roads, take the trails and come with us to a new location that will make you speechless! An event that you will never forget.

Camping, Bonfire, Hiking, ATV, Rappel, Climbing, Zipline. ALL THESE IN A NEW BREATHTAKING LOCATION.
(Lebanese Flags will be displayed)
You can join us on Monday or follow us on Tuesday

Monday 21 November:

– Camping Set Up
– Campfire

* Meeting Point: Dawra, Near Mc Donald’s @ 7:00 pm
The bus will leave @ 7:15 pm
* Fees: 20 $ (Including Transportation, Camping, Guides)
* What to wear: Comfortable Outfit, Heavy Duty Shoes.
* What to bring: Sleeping Bags, Tents, Jacket, Blankets, Personal
kit, Flashlight, Snacks and water.

Tuesday 22 November:

* Meeting Point: Dawra, Near Mc Donald’s @ 8:00 am
The bus will leave @ 8:15 am
* Fees: 10 $ (Including Transportation, Guides)

You can choose between the different activities:
– Hiking 10$
– Rock Climbing 10$
– Rappel (Easy) 10$
– Zipline 15$
– Rappel (Extreme) 20$
– ATV (50$ 1 hour / ATV)

*You can Buy Food from Food stations that will be availble on location as you can bring your own food and drinks.

* Reservation is a must
* Limited Places

For Reservation and further information do not hesitate to call us on 70-588652

Add Life To Your Days



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