Level 2 Batroun-Anfeh Ride

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Adventure Route is launching a new project ”The Training Routes”by Bike Route
The training period is for 2 month once a week on Sunday .
We will help people to improve there biking skills,Upgrade there
level of experience and work on there endurance .Level 1 Batroun Byblos is done
Level 2 is a ride from Batroun to Anfer & Back

Join us on Sunday 20/11/2016 at Bike Route (COLONEL) for an energetic morning ride along the coastal road of Batroun-Anfer .

“Batroun Anfer Ride ” with the support of Adventure Route,Trek lebanon & colonel beer .

*Kindly read the ride details in the description below.

– DATE: Sunday 20 of November
– MEETING POINT: Bike Route (Colonel ) At 7:30 AM
P.S: Punctuality is highly important !!
– DEPARTURE: 8:00 am
– ROUTE: Bike Route Batroun -Batroun old Souks -Coastal road towards Anfer Castle & Back
– LEVEL: Medium

We will be back to Colonel Beer in the end of the ride for a breakfast

>> Bikes will be available on the spot <<
You can reserve for the event by calling
Bike Route (Anthony) 76-338762

Event Participation Fee:
-Cycling Tour : 25.000 LBP
– Participants with there own bikes: 10.000LBP
-Breakfast :10.000LBP
The price includes the following:

-Tour Guides;
-Bikes & Helmets

Last minute cancellation is 50% of fee charge


Confirmation on Facebook will not be taken into consideration!
Kindly confirm your participation by calling the listed number.

Every participant assumes all possible risks and is responsible for his own safety and security. We are not responsible for any damage or injury that may take place in this event.


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