Yogis experiencing Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve with Ziad

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Good day Yogis, nature and good vibes loves ♥

Yoga With Ziad & Brummana hiking group bhg, invites you to experience the beauty of Jabal Moussa Biosphere, hiking and practice yoga, enjoying an autumn energetic day in the core of the mountains.

Jabal Moussa is an outstanding Biosphere Reserve located in Keserwan-Jbeil area, Lebanon.

The mountainous ecosystem in Jabal Moussa gives rise to a number of eco-zones, thus promoting diversity harboring many species. Designated a Global Important Bird Area in 2009, Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve hosts 83 bird species, of which 7 are regionally or globally threatened. There are 14 mammal species encountered in the reserve area including the squirrel, wolf, hyrax, and hyena. Out of the 14 species, which are wholly or partially limited to the Middle East region, 8 are regionally threatened and 6 are significantly declining.

Eleven endemic plant species were identified in its territories with many plants of high genetic and economic value including wild relatives. The variety of trees in Jabal Moussa represents an impressive diversity of forestry. Twenty specimens of trees and shrubs can be observed such as the Ostrya carpinifolia for which JM is the southern-most frontier in the oriental Mediterranean.
The essence of the forest can be captured in:
– specimens that are attractive to tourists such as futaies (dense or bright) and cepees;
– classical specimens such as Pinus brutia, Quercus infectoria, Quercus calliprinos; and
– rare specimens in Lebanon that are developing at a remarkable rate such as Quercus cerris, Juniperus drupacea, Fraxinus ornus and Ostrya carpinifolia.

Our hike will be an easy to moderate, 10km suitable for the hole family.
And we will be sharing a refreshing yoga practice surrounded with the beauty of that place.

What to bring: your yoga mats, water, snacks, lunch, friends and loved ones.

Wear comfortable cloth (bring a warm hoody), cap, hiking shoes and bring your good vibes.

Fees: 30$ including transportation, reserve entrance, guide and yoga practice.
(medical insurance not included)

Meeting: Mc Donald’s Sarba 7:00am sharp. Gasperi Genti Parking.


For reservation Whatsapp 03595205
Invite your friends and loved ones.

Lots of love ♥


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