Green Exercise: Seed planting Falougha

#Ryada #OnlyRyada #GoRyada #RyadaDirectory (46)-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01.pngSeed planting in Falougha, Metn – November 26
The seed planting will take place in an open public land found in Falougha. Khaled Sleem, our tree and planting expert, will give instructions on seed planting and how to ensure successful germination. We will then visit the Sohat factory and see the process of manufacturing bottled water. The field trip will end with a village walk and lunch! *Green Exercise is an AUB-NCC initiative to encourage environmental citizenship in a fun way. NCC will be hosting a series of fieldtrips during the upcoming months where attendees can enjoy the wellbeing of exercising in nature and also help an environmental cause. All proceeds of Green Exercise will contribute to NCC’s Environmental Program.

Register by contacting Wassim Kays, phone number 01 350000 ext. 4521, mobile: 03 042792
Bus departure is at 8:30 am, American University of Beirut (AUB) Medical Gate.

Field trip includes a lunch, a beautiful walk in nature and learning about the land from locals. Keep in mind that this is a child friendly nature experience!

Participation fee (including lunch and transportation) is $35 per adult, $60 per couple, $15 for children 9 and above and free for children 8 and younger.

Please wear comfortable hiking clothes (advisable to wear pants).

For cancelations please be mindful to do so two days before the fieldtrip.

“These fieldtrips are informative and enormous fun. Highly recommended!”
“More more more”
“I think the fieldtrip was fun and is an exciting way to learn about the ways of Nature.”
(Participant’s comments)

Hope to see you all soon!


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