We obviously have a problem in our society. Lebanon is encountering a stage where health and fitness is being neglected, and more diseases are coming forth. If we don’t act upon it, we’ll be missing out on the opportunity to improve people’s wellness. It’s time to take action for a fit and healthy Lebanon!

We suffer from limited local services and information, lack of motivation, time and high expenses for their own health and fitness. How can we solve this?

Our service is the first and only online community building network which enables Lebanese individuals to be able to connect, browse and act upon by offering diverse health and fitness products and services.

Our goal is to help Lebanese to get out of their chairs and move to a different lifestyle. Not only empowering those who already have the will to exercise and live healthy, but also to target those who have never found a motivation to start this new path, yet have the will to engage.

By creating a website and a mobile application, we aim to build a community and help our individual clients to set their targets, lead them to the right products and services and help them execute their goals.

Through the Ryada online platform, all our users will be able to browse through an abundance of sports activities & venues, health & nutrition services, and fitness products to make their workout more fun and easy. In addition, it will allow people to connect and engage with other users, and even initiate their own activities.

An innovation which will come to life because of two partners working hard together: Yervant Shallagian with a degree in business and Human Resources with experience in digital marketing and design. Roy Zarife, pursuing a master’s degree in the field of medicine, with experience in Sales, leadership and public relations. Both motivated and dedicated entrepreneurs, they share the desire and passion to make this project to a success!

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