Chasing the Waterfalls – KfarHilda

#Ryada #OnlyRyada #GoRyada #RyadaDirectory (46)-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01.pngHike Route,the new addition to the family is seeing the light on sunday the 27 of November. Continue reading “Chasing the Waterfalls – KfarHilda”

Level 2 Batroun-Anfeh Ride

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Adventure Route is launching a new project ”The Training Routes”by Bike Route
The training period is for 2 month once a week on Sunday .
We will help people to improve there biking skills,Upgrade there
level of experience and work on there endurance . Continue reading “Level 2 Batroun-Anfeh Ride”

Laqlouq – Douma – Batroun Fall Ride

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Cruising Batroun district from summit to sea!
+ Open for 25 participants
+ Length : approx 38km
+ Level: medium level – Mostly flat and downhills, with some minor climbs along the way.

**This is a fun ride so we’re circling at a slow pace**
**Minimum number of participants required for this ride is 15**
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