Darb Sama Darb Kamar VT!

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This hike will be one to convey the true spirit of love by being on Christmas!

It will be an opportunity to visit Harissa before the year comes to an end. Join us on Sunday the 25th for a unique hike all the way from Sahel Alma to Harissa then to Antoura

This hike will be uphill & downhill. However, we will go to Harissa and back following two paths:
– The first trail, known as “Darb el Sama”, is quite steep but not very long. We will start walking from Sahel Alma, and reach Harissa through Ghadir. There will be a steep 500 meters uphill and the walk will last around 2 hours 4 km, with spectacular views along the way. Then will take the second trail, known as Darb el Qamar”, is quite suitable for those whowould like to join the hike following an easier trail. The group will walk 4 km all the way to Antoura, with a downhill of 300 meters.

WHERE: Jounieh – Harissa — Antoura
WHEN: Sunday, Dec 25
WHAT TO GET: You must wear hiking shoes or comfortable walking shoes. Get a jacket since sometimes it gets cold.

MEETING PLACE: 7:30 AM in the parking of Sagesse School in Jdeideh, facing the public garden.

PRICE: 50,000 LL per person including transport, guides, insurance. (Please get the exact change to facilitate and speed up the registration process).

RESERVATION: For reservation call 03-91 71 90 or 79-115001 from 8 am till 6 pm. It is preferable to send an SMS from your mobile, giving your name, surname, and the event you wish to join in.

NB: Sometimes, due to reasons beyond our control, slight modifications to the program may occur. Ecotourism rules must be followed, otherwise personal accidents will not be accounted for by the insurance.

Vamos Todos


C’est la saison de Noël. C’est l’occasion pour vous de visiter Harissa avant la fin de cette année. Rejoignez-nous le 25 Décembre pour une randonnée unique de Sahel Alma à Harissa puis Antoura.

Cette randonnée sera faite de montées et de descentes. Nous irons par Harissa et retournerons par un autre chemin.
Le premier trajet, connu sous le nom de « Darb el Sama » est très raide, mais pas trop long. Nous partirons de Sahel Alma pour atteindre Harissa en passant par Ghadir. Avec 500 mètres de dénivelé ascendant, nous mettrons 2 heures pour faire 4 km. Tout le long du chemin, nous aurons de très belles vues.
Nous prendrons ensuite le second trajet plus abordable, connu sous le nom de « Dar el Qamar ». Ceux qui le souhaitent pourront nous y rejoindre pour une marche plus facile. Le groupe marchera 4 km vers Antoura, avec un dénivelé descendant de 300 mètres.

OU : Jounieh, Harissa, Antoura
QUAND : Dimanche 25 Décembre
A EMPORTER : Vous porterez des chaussures de randonnée ou de bonnes chaussures de marche. Amenez une veste chaude, il peut faire froid.
LIEU DE RENCONTRE : 7h 30 Parking de l’Ecole de la Sagesse à Jdeideh, face au jardin Public.
PRIX : 50,000 LL par personne comprenant le transport, les guides et l’assurance. Merci de venir avec le compte exact, afin de faciliter l’enregistrement.

RESERVATION : Pour la réservation, appelez le Tèl. 03-91 71 90 ou le 79-115001, de 8h à 18h. Il est préférable d’envoyer un SMS de votre mobile en indiquant votre nom, votre prénom et l’événement que vous avez choisi.

NB : Pour des raisons indépendantes de notre volonté de légères modifications pourront être apportées à notre programme. Les règles d’Ecotourisme doivent toujours être respectées. Dans le cas contraire, en cas d’accident, l’assurance ne pourrait pas vous prendre en charge.

Vamos Todos

Hike in Zeaitre with VT!

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We will be visiting this time a special location in Lebanon, a small but unexpectedly interesting village… & this village is the hometown of Vamos Todos founder. Welcome to Zeaitre!
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Lebanon Hiking Adventures on Sunday 4th of December

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Hello Everyone, after a lot of eating on #thanksgiving this could be one of your favorite escapes back into a better shape.
Benefit from picking any of the events listed below and enjoy a nice weekend with full of nature and #Adventure
These are all happening next Sunday 4th of December:
  • Hiking at ‘Baakline’ with Dale Corazon – Lebanon Explorers
  • Hiking at Hasbaya – Ebil Saki & Visiting Arnoun Castle with Wild Adventures
  • Hiking at Fakra With ProMax Adventures and Fitness
  • Hiking at Mayfouk with Vamos Todos
  • Hiking Qornet Chehwan With WALKLEB s.a.r.l
Enjoy with #Ryada !

Remmene, Asfouriyet El-Janne and Ain Serhal to Jezzine

#Ryada #OnlyRyada #GoRyada #RyadaDirectory (47)-01-01-01.pngEvent costs 50,000 LL for Adults, 35,000 LL below 18 years old and FREE for kids below 13 with their parents)
(this includes: Pullman transportation, Professional Guides, First-Aid Kit, Professional Photographer and entrance to Castle Serhal and Asfouriyet el Janne)
For more info, call Theo 03.582084
Or email: info@we-are-hikers.com Continue reading “Remmene, Asfouriyet El-Janne and Ain Serhal to Jezzine”

Hiking Bakish With ProMax

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Destination: Bakish Cedar
Altitude: average 1800m – 2000m
Date: Sunday, November 27, 2016
Level: Moderate
Average walking time: 4 hours
Morning meeting point: Furn el Chebbak- Facing Sagesse university
Time: 8:00am
Back to meeting point: 5:30pm+ Continue reading “Hiking Bakish With ProMax”

Yogis experiencing Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve with Ziad

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Good day Yogis, nature and good vibes loves ♥

Yoga With Ziad & Brummana hiking group bhg, invites you to experience the beauty of Jabal Moussa Biosphere, hiking and practice yoga, enjoying an autumn energetic day in the core of the mountains.
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Cliff Gazing | Hike in Tannourine

#Ryada #OnlyRyada #GoRyada #RyadaDirectory (46)-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01-01.pngWithin the valleys surrounded by cliffs, a magical trail weaves down and up, across and among a magnificent mountain stream.
This Tuesday, Moon Monkey is going on a “Cliff Gazing” experience in Tannourine El Faouqa.
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Hiking | Rock Climbing | Rappel | Zipline | ATV

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Dear Lebanese,

Freedom in the mind, Faith in the words, Pride in our souls… Let’s salute our country on this auspicious day!

Leave the roads, take the trails and come with us to a new location that will make you speechless! An event that you will never forget.

Camping, Bonfire, Hiking, ATV, Rappel, Climbing, Zipline. ALL THESE IN A NEW BREATHTAKING LOCATION. Continue reading “Hiking | Rock Climbing | Rappel | Zipline | ATV”

Barouk – Maasser el Shouf (Section 19 LMT)

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Dear friends,
Let’s spend the Independence Day on November 22, together in a splendid hiking trip in the lovely village Maaser El-Shouf (57km away from beirut) .It’s situated on the edge of the Al Shouf Cedar Reserve and is about 7km from one of the oldest groves of cedar trees in Lebanon. Maasser is a rural traditional village with a town square, an old mill, an old oak and pine forest and two natural water sources. Continue reading “Barouk – Maasser el Shouf (Section 19 LMT)”

Hiking Barouk – Ain Zhalta with ProMax

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Destination: Barouk – Ain Zhalta, Shouf Cedar Forest Reserve
Distance: 12Km
Altitude: average 1330m
Level: Moderate
Average walking time: 4 hours
Morning meeting point: Furn el Chebbak,facing Sagesse university
Time: 8:00am
Back to meeting point: 5:30pm+ Continue reading “Hiking Barouk – Ain Zhalta with ProMax”