Yogis experiencing Jabal Moussa biosphere reserve with Ziad

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Good day Yogis, nature and good vibes loves ♥

Yoga With Ziad & Brummana hiking group bhg, invites you to experience the beauty of Jabal Moussa Biosphere, hiking and practice yoga, enjoying an autumn energetic day in the core of the mountains.
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Jabal Mousa – Guided Loop Hike with Lunch

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The third UNESCO-recognized biosphere of Lebanon is simply gorgeous! With its endemic plants and a rich fauna, another reason why we love our trail in Jabal Moussa is the many Roman remains we pass: the Roman road – that 2000 years ago linked the coast to the Beqaa Valley, two Hadrian’s inscriptions, a cistern and a limestone furnace. You will learn about the exuberant flora, cross the highest peak, and visit an abandoned settlement on top of the mountain. On your way, you will enjoy a picnic break with potato ftireh, two kinds of bread, jam, a boiled egg, olives and organic fruits & vegetables. Continue reading “Jabal Mousa – Guided Loop Hike with Lunch”