Sunset HATHA YOGA with Meraki

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NIHA is a village in the Bekaa Valley about 8 km North of Zahlé.
It is famous for its Roman archeological ruins, and in particular two lower Roman temples that date back to the 1st century AD. Continue reading “Sunset HATHA YOGA with Meraki”

Level 2 Batroun-Anfeh Ride

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Adventure Route is launching a new project ”The Training Routes”by Bike Route
The training period is for 2 month once a week on Sunday .
We will help people to improve there biking skills,Upgrade there
level of experience and work on there endurance . Continue reading “Level 2 Batroun-Anfeh Ride”

Modern Architecture in Tripoli, Mina Sea Side & Train Station


Let’s have a refreshing walk around a beautiful park, while discovering a space you didn’t think would exist in Lebanon. Continue reading “Modern Architecture in Tripoli, Mina Sea Side & Train Station”