Lebanon Hiking Adventures on Sunday 4th of December

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Hello Everyone, after a lot of eating on #thanksgiving this could be one of your favorite escapes back into a better shape.
Benefit from picking any of the events listed below and enjoy a nice weekend with full of nature and #Adventure
These are all happening next Sunday 4th of December:
  • Hiking at ‘Baakline’ with Dale Corazon – Lebanon Explorers
  • Hiking at Hasbaya – Ebil Saki & Visiting Arnoun Castle with Wild Adventures
  • Hiking at Fakra With ProMax Adventures and Fitness
  • Hiking at Mayfouk with Vamos Todos
  • Hiking Qornet Chehwan With WALKLEB s.a.r.l
Enjoy with #Ryada !

Barouk – Maasser el Shouf (Section 19 LMT)

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Dear friends,
Let’s spend the Independence Day on November 22, together in a splendid hiking trip in the lovely village Maaser El-Shouf (57km away from beirut) .It’s situated on the edge of the Al Shouf Cedar Reserve and is about 7km from one of the oldest groves of cedar trees in Lebanon. Maasser is a rural traditional village with a town square, an old mill, an old oak and pine forest and two natural water sources. Continue reading “Barouk – Maasser el Shouf (Section 19 LMT)”

Hiking at Ehden Reserve


Dear Friends,
Join us this Sunday to discover together Ehden in Autumn . Ehden Forest (Horsh Ehden) is situated on the Northern slopes of Mount Lebanon’s western range. Covered with dew, this nature reserve includes many rare plants and is distinguished by the trees of the Cedar, along with Juniper and wild apple it also encloses many species of birds such as eagles and hawks, as well as mammals like wolves and wild cats, in addition to wild plants of the orchid species. Continue reading “Hiking at Ehden Reserve”